The journals are blank and the paper is drawing quality or higher (normally 60-80lb paper). The covers are hand marbled, painted or made from decorative papers and old book sleeves. I use a long or Coptic stitch to attach the text block to the spine. The whole process is done by hand, from cutting the paper and book board down to decorating the covers and sewing in the pages.




Most of the roses are made from old book pages. Some are left blank and others I color with paint or colored pencils. Some roses are made from handmade or decorative papers. I like to call them my “undead roses” because they aren’t alive and they will never die.




These easy to pack away ornaments use a basic origami fold to create a small book that opens into the shape of a star.

As the winter holidays get close these become very popular and I sell out at almost every winter show.




These are fun new en devour I have recently taken on! I have always loved stickers so I finally started making my own!


Process Photos