Behind the scenes

What’s mahappenin?

In 2012 I graduated from N.C. State University with a bachelors in Art and Design and a minor in Biological sciences. My focus in school was fibers and photography but my passion was always with paper.

While in college I started teaching a children’s summer art camp. After a few years I expanded my classes to be offered year round and began to teach adults and special needs as well. I would teach a wide range of topics including drawing, bookmaking, glass art and pottery. I taught for almost 10 years, but during the later part of that time I started volunteering as a firefighter and I fell in love. I now work full time as a firefighter but bookmaking and art I still keep as my hobby.

Now, with the help of my very own josh, we are trying to grow this into a small part time buiness.

Jennifer L Mahaffey


Here is a brief look at Instagram. Follow me @whats_mahappenin to see new work and get updates on upcoming shows